Hairy Henry's friends want to give him some birthday presents. What will they buy? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Hairy Henry's friends give him some really special birthday presents. What was your most special birthday present? Tell us about it!

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owl teddy bear and big bear

hardest one : 1160 pieces
second hardest : about 670 pieces
everage hard : about 300 pieces

they gave me 3 very big legos.i have 11 legos ı did them all . and these three were very hard for me. ı was nine. my parents gave me them. the hardest one wasnt given on my birth day. sometimes ı can do hard legos.

ı love lego.

My favorite pc games:PUBG , MİNECRAFT , ROBLOX .
My least pc games : ALL THE OTHER GAMES

ı finished minecraft good games

Oh my god.Wowww.

i have a LOL toy colleted house

i remember getting for my birthday a game called "Paku-Gan" and I loved it.

Cool story.

When I was 8 year old ,my friend gave me a billionaire chess.I still keep it