One day Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her granny. Who will she meet in the wood? Watch and find out!

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Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her granny. Do you go to visit your grandparents or other members of your family? Tell us about them!

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this story is fun

This story is exellant!

1. My grandma's name is Vasilica and my grandpa's name is Tudor.
2. They are very good.
3. They are old but beautiful.
4. I see them every day.
5.Yes, they live near my house.

are you romanian?

 1.My grandma's name is Ying and my grandpa's name is Choi.
2.They like eating fruits.
3.They look like a small ears,small nose,small mouth but big eyes.
4.I see them about twice a month.
5.No,they do not.They do not live near my house.

i like the little red riding hood

This story is really funny because little red riding hood don't know the wolf pretend to be granny.

 i love the story best when granny was spewed out, really cool
anyway, does anyone here play maple story??

hi~ i m  dragon boy~
ha ha ha ha ha ~

I liked it very much