Siriwat isn't feeling very well. Can his dad and the doctor help him? Watch and find out!

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Siriwat needs medicine because he's ill. What can we do to try and stay healthy? Tell us your ideas! 

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  • What else can we do?

Much to drink... I do not know!!!...

  •  Can you think of one more thing we can all do to try and stay healthy?

Do not walk around with wet hair... I do not know too!!!
                                                    I  LOVE  THIS  STORY VERY MUCH!!! 
(It's short comment).

 Do sports (swimming, playing football, basketball, volleyball)
Eat fish, sushi, drink a lot of water and smile a lot.

I love this story. I and my parents love's this story.

I sometimes get ill, I take medicine then I get better.

I like to make friends.

that's good

its a good story

 I'm too ill.  Help me!! Please!

You must eat all your food!!!