Who was Dick Whittington? Watch this story, one of our 'British tales' videos about characters and people from British history, to find out!

Story by LearnEnglish Kids. Animation by Slurpy Studios.


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really good story

this story is so cool!

i really like the short story!

hi I'm sort of new to this app can someone help me

Hi LilacFireHarp

Welcome to LearnEnglish Kids!

There are lots of different activities for practising your English on our site. For example, if you want to listen to stories in English, go to 'Listen and watch' and then choose 'Short stories'. Then choose a story that interests you. There are games with all the stories to help you understand.

If there is a particular subject that you're interested in, (for example animals) you can click on it in the A-Z of Topics list and you will see all of the different activities that we have for that topic.

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WOW! Amazing! I loved the story. Animals are always a man's friend. (Man: Women and kids too.)

very happy, sad, nice, rich story. That was rly good. i dont know or if its me his accient! (haaaaaaaaaaaaa!) i loved this story very much, and i didnt know this so, i learned something to!