There's a strange new animal at the zoo. Where will the zookeeper put it? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


There are a lot of unusual animals in the ABC Zoo. Which is your favourite animal at the zoo? Tell us about it!

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Thanks a lot!!! It works now!!!

i think zorrilla is skunk?

Me too. Zorilla is skunk and it has not good smell

Hi MissGlassPetal,

That's a good question! The zorilla looks quite like a skunk and they can both smell very bad! But it's not exactly the same animal. 

Do you like the story?


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LearnEnglish Kids team

Very funny !

I don't like zorilla at all! Ew, Smelly zorrila. But, the story fine and fun!

i had touched the real zorrilla in dusit zoo in bangkok capital city of thailand.Oh my god that moment was very bad

I like this story but the zorilla stinks very much!

The zorilla is very stinky.