There's a strange new animal at the zoo. Where will the zookeeper put it? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


There are a lot of unusual animals in the ABC Zoo. Which is your favourite animal at the zoo? Tell us about it!

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my favourite animals is pandas and budgies and dogs

I like narwhal .


Flamingo!!!!! Yes flamingo!!!

My favorite animal is a koala and flamingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I like all animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my favorite animal is orangutan

My favorite animal is the wolf, but he is not in the ABC zoo

My favourite animal at the ABC zoo is the hyena because it resembles the African wild dog.

My favorite animal is , because flamingo is pink love pink.

Yeah flamingo is good and pink