Расскажи нам о своих летних каникулах, ответив на наши вопросы. Старайся ответить на английском, чтобы ребята из других стран тоже смогли прочитать. Не бойся сделать ошибки - мы все здесь учимся!

Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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In the summer I will go to Odessa. I will swim in the sea.

In summer i went to Greece.I swam in the sea and walked.

I like it!

I am on holiday. I was at the sea and swam. It was funny.

It is summer in Russia. I am on holiday now. I am eating ice-cream and roller- skating. It's fun

In June I went to Odessa. In Odessa I swam in the Black Sea. The sea was hot. My mother went with me in Odessa. My brother Yaroslav didn't want to go to Odessa. In Jule I often went to the river Prut. I swam in the river. In August i was in my native town. 

In June I stayed in Moscow. In July I went to a health centre near Moscow. In August I went to Sochi. In Sochi I swam in the Black Sea. In Sochi it was hot. My mother and my sister went with me.