Расскажи нам о временах года в твоей стране, ответив на вопросы:

What season is it where you live? What's the weather like today? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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It is spring now.
Today is cold and cloudy.
My favorite season is Autumn.

Hello. My name is Sofiia. I am from Ukraine.It is spri

My name is Sasha.I am from Ukraine (Kyiv). There is winter now. Today it is Friday, the weather is cold, cloudy and windy. Now there is almost no snow.

Hi! My name is Ann. I'm ten and half. I'm from Moscow (Russia). I like most of seasons.
In summer i like swiming in river. I like a golden autumn.
In winter i like to skate and ski, i like to play hockey with my friends.
bye bye!!
See you

Hello. My name is Matwej and I live in Russia. Season is autumn. But I like Summer the best. I like swimming and eating ice-cream in Summer.

Hello,my name is Katya. Today is cold. It is autumn now. My favorite season is autumn. Because I like to collect autumn leaves.

Hello, my name is Daniil. I am from Moscow. Today it is raining and cold. It is autumn time. My favourite season is winter because i like to skate, to ski and sledding. Good-bye.

I live in Armenia and my country's weather always change:sun ,snow ,rain. Today is sunny and warm. My favourite season is a cold autumn, because I like rain.

It's spring. Today is cool  and sunny. My favourite season is sprind, because it's my birthday in the spring.  And i love spring because everything is blooming!!!

It is autumm. Its very nice day,because its windy could and rainy. My favorite weather are summer and autumm.