Расскажи нам о своей школе. Что в ней самое хорошее и самое плохое?


Your Turn: School
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Hi,my name is Dasha.I am 11 years old.My school very good!I like my classroom.I like kids in my class.There are twenty five kids  in my class.I like  teachers.We play on playground.I get to school and it is only two minutes.It is close to my house.I like my school!!!!!

Hi! My name is Yulia.I am eleven. I from is Russia.My school is very big and beautifal.I like English and Music.

My school is very beautifull. I like to study English and Literature. I like to study with my cheerfull and clever schoolmates. I love my schooll.

My school is big. I like to study  Math and English. We have got school uniform. We have got Sports in gym. We have got five lessons every day. Lessons begin at 8.30 o'clock. We play during the breaks.  

Hi! I am eight. My true name is Anna.  My school  is like your. I like English  and  Math too.I like  to play ball.

My school is N2003. School is big and happy. I like it!

I live in Ukraine. My school is big. I study at home and then go to school and pass subjects. So I have much
free time for my art.

It is good and  big

My school is very beautifal and very big. My school have library and museum.