Теперь твоя очередь. Расскажи на английском про свою любимую еду и о традиционной еде в твоей стране. Не волнуйся, если будут ошибки - мы все здесь ещё учимся.

What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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Hi people!!!!! I think none of you love food how I am!!! I really like cakes, sweets, pancakes, pastas, pizzas, spaghetti, tea, milk, juice and...... CHOCOLATE!!!!!! WHO LOVES CHOCOLATE SAY CHOKOOOO!

Hi) my name is Lera. i live in Russia. and i love  fruits and vegetables VERY MUCH!!! it is very tasty

 Hello! I am Nane. My favourite food are cakes,honey,sweets and fruits. I am sweet tooth!

Hello! I'm Sveta. My favourite food is candy and baked potatoes with chicken. But i don't like semolina

 Hello i am Kama, my favorite food is chiken plov  it is very tasty

I like to eat bananas, orandges and sweets very much. Our traditional meal is  pancake and meat  dumplings.

hello i'm Noran. i'm Egyptian. i love egypt very much. i like egyptian food Molokhya and oranges.and vegetables

I am Tolia. I am from Ukraine. I like burgers, roast chickens and bananas.

Most of all I like pastry. It is very tasty . And also my father cook perfectly . I think he cook fish very good.