А теперь твоя очередь что-нибудь нам рассказать! Ответь на вопросы по-английски - пусть ребята из других стран тоже почитают. Не волнуйся, если будут ошибки - мы все здесь ещё учимся!

Who does the cooking in your home? Do you like cooking? What type of things do you make?

Your Turn: Cooking
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Hi!!! i'm sveta. In my family usually cooking my mum, dut i'm and dad cooking too! I love cooking, but i'm just lerning. I can cooking - salates, pancakes and fish.

                 It was nice to write you!

Hi! My name's Masha and I'm from Russia -) My mum usually cooks in our family too. Sometimes I cook salads, sauces and jelly

hello, my name iz anna, I am from georgia end ... sory.. I love you mam

hello  my  name  is  Amina.  I am from Azerbaijan)).My  mum usually  cooks.  i like  cooking. SOMETIMES  I  MAKE  SALAD  AND  COOK  PIZZA. ))

Hello! I'm from Russia) My mum cooks cakes and cookies. And I like to eat them!=) 

hello , my name is MIlana.I'm from Kazakstan) my mum usually cooks in my home,because i can't,but think...i shall learn)
yes , i like cooking different cookies,cakes)

Hi, Milana! My name's Assel. I'm from Kazakhstan too. My mum usually cooks at home.Sometimes I help her. Often I cook cakes.What city do you live? What is your age?