Пес по кличке Боб спрятался в большом, старом и страшном доме. Смогут ли дети найти его?

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Imagine you're walking in the forest on a dark, dark night. You find a spooky house and go inside... Tell us all about it.

  • What does the house look like?
  • What rooms do you go in?
  • What do you see?
  • Are there any strange creatures in the house?
  • What happens when you leave the house?
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Hi,i waik in the dark night of the forest i see a big house i go insaid it"s very skary! I see a door i open it, i"ts a bathroom and insaid is a monster! I run to the kitchen, insaid is same monster cook a pizza! I see a many room all is fool of the monster"s! I found the exit and run to my home. I come to the home and go to my room and see the small monster in my bad! He smiling to mee! Now he is my pet, i like he ,he like me too!!!                                                                                                   

1.My house is big. 

2.I'm go to my room.

3.I will see a big monster.


5.Me will eat the monsters!

Оh! It  was spооkу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!