В приюте для животных много зверей. Семья Хорошевых решила взять себе одного из питомцев приюта, чтобы ухаживать за ним. Кого они возьмут? 

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Which pet would you choose? Tell us about your favourite pet. 

  • What does it eat?
  • Where does it sleep?
  • What type of exercise does it need?
  • Do you need to take it to the vet often?
  • How do you clean it or its house?  
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I have a dog.It's name is Dan.
It eat's meat,porrige and dog's food.
It lives in dog's house.
It needs walk,ran,jamp,bark,sit.
We go to the vet regulary.
I often  comb it.