Злодей Рэтти-Крыс хочет захватить мир. Кот-Шпион путешествует по всему миру, чтобы найти и обезвредить Крыса, присоединяйся! Может, ты сможешь помочь Коту разгадать задачки?

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


In this story Spycat has to read coded messages to find Ratty. In the first two messages the letters in the words are jumbled up. For example, OG OT GYEPT = GO TO EGYPT

Can you write a jumbled word message? Think of a message and then jumble the words. Don't give us the answers! Write your message below and let's see if other children around the world can solve your message!

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 very interesting. we played together with a friend