Роверз или Юнайтед? Раскрой секрет, какую футбольную команду поддерживает мальчик?

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Tell us about your favourite football team! (If you don't like football you can tell us about your team that plays another sport!)

  • What's the name of your team?
  • Where's the team from?
  • What colours do they wear?
  • Who's the best player at the moment?
  • Do you think they are going to win any cups this season?
  • Is there a special name for the fans of your team?
  • Is your team one of the best in your country?
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My favourite team is Borrusia Dortmund.This is team from Germany.This team use black and yellow colours on T-shirts.The best player is Marco Reus ,Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.Yes this team is great.No.Unfortunately no.

Manchester it is not my favorite team

 My favorite teams FCBarcelona and Manchester Zenit. Messi, Halck are the BEST FOOTBALLER.

My favorite teamis Real-Madrid and Barselona. Messi, Christian Ronaldo are the best footballer.