Лотти 10 лет, и она живёт в Англии вместе со всоим папой и сестрой. Послушай, что она рассказывает о своём папе. Папа Лотти похож на твоего папу?

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Lottie told us all about her dad. Why don't you tell us about somebody in your family? You could include some of the following information:

  • Their name and age.
  • What they look like.
  • Their daily routine.
  • Their job.
  • What they do in the evenings.
  • What they do at the weekends.
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hello i am from Russia.my family is big,i have one brother, mum , father,grandmum and grandfather.My name is SASHA,im 10

Hello! I am from Russia. my family is big. i have a mother, father, sister and two brothers. my Moms name is Sweta, fathers - Jurij, sisters - Nataly, and brothers are Denis and  Ivan. We like to watch TV together, play football, walk in the park. I like my family.

Hello! I'm from RUSSIA too.

 mmmm.... It's really interesting and nice!)))))))))

I have a dad
He is the best!
His name is Andru
I love my dad