Сегодня у Сони день рождения. Ей подарили компьютерную игру. Но когда она начала играть, произошло что-то странное.

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


What's your favourite computer game? Tell us all about it! 

  • What's the game called?
  • Where's it set? (For example, in a cave, under the sea, in a jungle, in a city...)
  • What do you do to win?
  • Do you play on your own or with other players?
  • What are the graphics like?
  • Would you recommend this game to your friends?
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my favorit game is township

 It is called tragedy of squirrels.
 It is set  under the sea, in a jungle, in a shop, in the forest.
 I am trying to play very well.
 I play with my friends.
                              Let's play with me!