Listen and sing along to a song about yummy food.

Song and lyrics by Boogie Mites UK. Animation by Cambridge English Online.


Do you like chicken, rice and peas? What's your favourite food?

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I Like This Song And Chocolate Cake Because My Faveraute Dish Is Chocolate Cake.

I love chocolate cake!!! mmmmmmmmmm Yummy!!! :)

 I love this song! 

I love chocolate cake. yummmmmmy

i love choclate  cake    because i usually have a very  big one on my birthday

AncientSolarWind I would like to be your friend
from CrazyRuby40
I am from India too

I like this song and choclate cake

Hands up who likes chocolate cake?
Yummy Yummy Yummy
Put it in my thumy!
I like chocolate cake

  • I love chocolate cake!