A naughty young giant is moving some of the world's famous landmarks! Where will he put them? Watch and find out!

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There are four famous landmarks in this story. Are there any famous landmarks in your country? Tell us about them!

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golden gate in kyiv ukraine this is a famous landmark in my country

Hi, CaptainMilliped. I'm from Ukraine. There's a huge statue of Matherland in Kyiv as well.

I saw it wen i was sailing in the Dnipro

yeah there are other pyramids but in egypt it is the original one

He's Funny! And In my country A famous landmark is Taj Mahal.
It's a magic Castle!! Because it glows at night(I don't know every night or on a festival I think on a festival probably)Shah Jahan Built it.Many people visit it And i think they visit it at a festival to see it glowing

He din't wear shoes. He he he.

what landmarks are there in turkey i know the blue mosque

Where is the game? I know there used to be one, the rocket shooting one, but I can't see it now. Where has it gone?

Hi SparklyDiamondPharaoh,

I'm sorry - the game has gone. We had to remove it for technical reasons.

I hope that you'll find lots of other fun games to play on LearnEnglish Kids.


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dear missinternetearth
i thought pyramids are only in eygypt.hmm let me think harder how did it begain.
please answer my question.