Dino the family dog helps to keep people safe on the roads. What did he do last week? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Dino the dog has lots of good advice to help us stay safe on the road. What do you think is the most important thing to remember? Tell us your ideas!

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this game is the best!

Hahaha! I love the bit at the end when he goes and 'leaves him a message!'
I have 4 dog's which I love very much! xx

I love this story because it is very beautiful but not true what he did to the dog

I've a small dog like Dino. He always make me laugh! I love my dog so much

I wants to have a dog like dino!!

I really liked this story especially: Dino's flashing straps and when Dino make a puncture in the noughty driver's car.
Dino made me laugh when he ate the mobile phone and he grrrrrrr at the two girls!

 Dino says good for us and we must follow it.

You right, little dog! The people are very clumsy, and tracted!

some dogs save people...like police dogs help blind people! am i right??

I think the dog is a good boy.      I love him , Iove him very much.    When  I grow up i want a cute dog .      I like a dog.    I want  more dog! I love dog !     (^^)