Хочешь потренироваться использовать предлоги, с помощью которых мы рассказываем, где находится предмет? Наши игры помогут тебе легко и весело усвоить, в каких случаях употребляются одни предлоги, а в каких – другие.

Grammar Rule


My dad is in the kitchen. 
The dog is on the sofa.
The toys aren’t under the table.



We use prepositions of place to say where things are.
Where’s the cat? It’s hiding behind the chair.
I don’t like sitting next to my brother in the car.
Have you got any apples? Yes, they’re in the fridge between the grapes and the oranges.



Be careful!

If you are in something, you are inside. If you are in front of something, you are outside it (the opposite of behind). 
Ben is in his house. I can’t see him.
Look, Ben is in front of his house. I can see him!



We say... We don’t say...

The book is on the table. (NOT The book is in the table.)
My school is between a park and a cafe. (NOT My school is between a park.)


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