Есть много способов, как заботиться о природе не выходя из дома. А что делаешь ты? Оберегаешь ли ты природу? Ответь на наши вопросы и узнаешь!

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So...you've done the quiz..How green are you? Are you very green? Quite green? Or not green at all! Tell us!

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Me, too ! ! !

I hope that I am perfect clear and green. By the way my native town Lodeinoe Pole is situated in the most ecological region of the North-West of Russi.
My name Vlad,

my funny game!!

I'm green for 77% because I haven't got any "eco-labeled" cleaning thing and I can't recycle. Sorry!

You are spik Russia?

I like it too  :)

I like this game!