Басма и Хоссан на отдыхе со своими родителями. Они осматривают Великие Пирамиды недалеко от Каира, столицы Египта. В одной из пирамид они нашли что-то очень странное. Прочитай расссказ и узнаешь, что же с ними случилось.

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Imagine that you are Basma or Hossam. Write a short postcard to a friend at home to tell them about your adventure in the pyramid. Send us your postcard by writing it in the 'comments' space below.

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Wow! It is funnier story

It is very interesting story!

Very nise song! :)

 It is a good story! I know about mummies, gods and pyramids!

This is very Super Sayt BRITISH COUNCIL

I like this story very much. I like Egypt and pyramids!!!

Hellow I am Kate.I from Russia .I was in Egypt near Cairo with my friends .We saw a door in the  pyramid .We  broke the code  and  the door  opened.We went  through the long dark tunnel  and saw the goddess Isis  after that we saw  a goddess  Baster the  cat and the god of writing Thoth. All  they said "you  may pass".and we going  to the small dark  room. In  the middle there was a tomb and mummy come  out   !!!Mummy  chasing  us NO!We  chasing  a mummy.Mummy ran along the  tunnel.We bang the door and  went home.


It's very interesting story! I would like to go to Egypt