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What kinds of books do you like reading? Tell us about your favourite book!

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Very cool book

I like " Bà nội găngxtơ"(gramother gaster).

Are you Vietnamese?

THIS book is cool

I like books to practice my English. Any book with small stories in it.

I haven't read the book but I have seen the movie!!!!!! It was great!!!

My favourite book is "Как живёшь, Наречие?" (How Are You, Adverb?). This is a Russian book and the author is Tatiana Rick. But it's not really a book, it's a school book. It's about the adventures of Eugene Apelsinchik, his sisters Katya Apelsinchik and Julia Apelsinchik and teacher-fairy Svetlana Danilovna. Together, they go to distant lands to visit aunt Adverb. On the way, they will have to avoid obstacles in the form of grammatical errors and to make new friends. I really like this book, and if you know Russian, you will also like it!

Once upon a time I read a story.The story name is "রাক্ষস খেলো ঘোড়ার ডিম"("Monster eat horse egg"). This was Bangladeshi story.The writer of the story was "Anisul hque"
Now I tell you about this story,
There was a boy, Who lived in a village.There was a jungle nere by the village. There was a monster who lived in the jungle.One day the boy played in the school field. The monster was so hungry. He was searching for his food.Suddenly, he saw the boy who played in the field.The monster said,"I'm going to eat you'. "No No!please don't",the boy cried.The boy said, "be kind to me , I will found your food". The monster laught, very hard and said ," I'm a monster you are a little boy.What can you do? The boy made a plan to save his life from monster. The boy said,"Look in my hand, I had some horse egg'' . Do you like it ? it's so testy. The monster said ,''wow ! I never eat it before. I like to eat a hourse egg." Then the boy gave him a egg. This was not a real hourse egg. It was a cricket ball. Which made by wood. The monster became sick after ate cricket ball.Then the boy ean away, and save his life so cleverly.
Dear friends,
All of you know that,"The horse can't laid egg." The monster was very fool.hahahah!!!!
Please comments if you like my story.

i love books and i LOVE tin tin books !!!!!!!!!!!