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What types of birds live in your country? Do you have a favourite bird?

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Flamingo. Flamingo Star!!!!!!

In my country there are lots of birds. There are doves, parrots, owls, hens, eagles, flamingoes, cardenales and more.
My favourite bird is the cardenal.

They live in my country: doves, ducks, owls, turkeys.
I don't have my favourite bird.

my score is 10 and my favorite is the parrot i love parrots

I see many doves in my country. I like dove. Yesterday i saw two doves in my house.

In Mexico are many types of birds. My favorite bird is the flamingo:P

There are dove , crow , gull and sparrow in my city .

I like flamingo best. They live in my fancy city.

I can see owl in Malaysia. My favourite bird is duckling.

MY score is 10.0% what are your favourite bird