Whose ghost does Hamlet see in the castle? Watch this story, one of our 'Shakespeare Lives' videos, and find out!


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ı love ıt because ı love SHAKESPEARE

Hello, my name is Ilya.I've never ever seen ghosts, I won't be scared if i see them because they cannot touch me!This story is very sad, but good.GL!

I like this play. Hamlet is brave because he killed the King who poisoned his mother and father. I didn't see a ghost and if I saw it I'd offer it some tea.

I like this story poor halmet heis father is die his mother die also.

so weird it is all about poison yuck

i have seen a ghost i think it was when i was 7 years old . i was going to my bed and i was really scared of ghost because i was sleeping alone in my room and it was very hot so i took my blanket and opened my eyes there was a really big black man with hat

Hi Forever Jewel Sphinx,
I had similar experience as you and at that time, l guess I am 6-7 years old.I felt so scared at that time too.

Good story.