Whose ghost does Hamlet see in the castle? Watch this story, one of our 'Shakespeare Lives' videos, and find out!


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This story is so sad!

(Sniff)I always cry when I watch it

me too

Hi MissGlassPetal!
Me too

very good and true story.I like it

I wonder who is the new king???

Can you try and upload Harry Potter stories like this??

Good idea!!! Very good idea!!!

Hi SilverDinosaurBunny,

That's a great idea and I'm sure the stories would be very interesting. Unfortunately we do not have the right to put Harry Potter stories on our website. Shakespeare's stories are very old, so we have the right to adapt them and publish them. But the Harry Potter stories are modern and we aren't allowed to use them.

Maybe you could ask your English teacher if you could write some Harry Potter stories and draw pictures to illustrate them?

Have fun practising your English!


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

This story is exciting and sad .