A naughty young giant is moving some of the world's famous landmarks! Where will he put them? Watch and find out!

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There are four famous landmarks in this story. Are there any famous landmarks in your country? Tell us about them!

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  •  naughty boy is very bad boy and funny


Hello! I am Diva.I live in Russia.This is very big contre.I know a Red Square in Moskow.In this square come foreins puepls.And I was in this square. Is very biggest square,it red,because it betifful.

hi.....The roof of Saint Basil's Cathedral looks like pineapple...What do you think?????

i'love opera house.
im silly dragon.

; )

in India there is Taj mahal  it is the famous landmark in India.

i feel like even i could be same like him.

I love this story

İ think the story was nice,but İ am thinking that the mom was the funnyest.