Во многих странах празднуют новый год по китайскому календарю. В нём каждый год имеет свой символ – одно из двенадцати животных. 2012 год был годом Дракона, 2013 – годом Змеи, а 2014 – это год Лошади.
Послушай, как девочка рассказывает, почему ей нравится китайский Новый год, и что она делает в этот день.

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


  • What's your favourite day?
  • What happens on the day?
  • Where do you go? What do you do?
  • Do you eat special food?
  • Do you wear special clothes?
  • Do you give presents?
  • Do you decorate your house?

Tell us about your favourite day in the comments box below.

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My favourite day is the first of september. I like this day because I meet my friends after long summer holiday.

My favorite day is the Easter!
In morning my family go  to the church ! Then we go to home and eat holiday dinner.
We eat special meal: Easter eggs and Easter bread and other traditions meal for us/
We  don't  wear special clothes.
Yes! We give presents : Easter eggs and Easter bread.
No. We don't decorate the house. We  just clean our house!
                      I like this day!!!!


 My  favourite day is New Year.
I celebrate New Year with my family.
We have a meal.
We eat salad with crab sticks and cake.
Yes I do!
Yes I do.
I decorate my house wiyh christmas tree.

 My favourite day is New Year!
My family watches TV (our president is speaking at  midnight)and watches fireworks!
We go to to relativs and friends!
Yes!We eat chicken and duck...
Yes!We wear nice clothes!
Yes!!!!!!I like give presents
Yes!We decorate the house with a tincel and put New Year tree...
I like New Year!!!