My favourite picture

painting on a wall with monster and aliens

Read about the picture, then do the exercises and write a comment to help you practise writing in English.


  • Do the preparation activity to help you with words from the text.
  • Read the text, then play the game.
  • You can also print the worksheet for more practice.
  • Read the discussion question and write a comment!
Reading text

There's a big picture on a wall at the end of my street, and I really like it. 

On the left there's a big, blue monster. It's got a big mouth and nose, and its eyes are like a human's eyes. At the bottom, on the left, there's a small, green alien. 

There are two UFOs in the picture. In each UFO there's a purple alien. The purple aliens have got one eye and they are smiling. 

At the top of the picture there's a yellow alien with two blue eyes. On the right there's a purple and pink monster. It looks like an octopus. It's got lots of eyes, a mouth and lots of long, thin arms. 

I think the blue monster is talking to me. The monster is saying 'The aliens in the UFOs look friendly, but they're very dangerous. You must be careful'.

Top tips

  1. Write on the left or on the right: On the left there's a big, blue monster.
  2. Write at the bottom or at the top: At the bottom there's a small, green alien.
  3. Use be + verb+ing to say what someone is doing: The aliens are smiling.
  4. Write it's like or it looks like when one thing is similar to another thing: It looks like an octopus. 


Do you like this picture? Can you write about a different picture that you like? 

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