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What do you know about Nowruz? Practise your reading in English with this email.


Do the preparation exercise first. Then read the text and do the other exercises.

Reading text

From: Baba borzog [Grandpa]

Subject: Happy Nowruz! 

Hi Leila,

How are you? What's the weather like in the UK? Here in Iran it's quite warm and sunny, as it's nearly spring.

As you know, it's the Persian New Year celebration, Nowruz, very soon. We're busy getting everything ready. What about you? Are you and the family over there in the UK preparing for Nowruz too? The celebrations last for 13 days in Iran!

Your grandmother and I have cleaned our house from top to bottom and decorated it with lots of flowers. It was hard work but it's important to start the new year fresh and clean.

Yesterday we went shopping for new clothes. I bought some new trousers and a shirt. New clothes mean a fresh start for next year! What new clothes are you going to wear for Nowruz?

Tomorrow's the last Wednesday before Nowruz. It's a special day here when people light bonfires in the street and jump over them! It's noisy too, as the children bang on pots and pans. They knock on doors and ask for sweets. 

Are you learning all about Nowruz and the haftseen table at Persian school? I'm sure you know that we put seven special objects on the haftseen, all beginning with the sound 's' in the Farsi language. The objects have special meanings and they represent what we hope for in the new year. Apples (seeb) are for health and beauty. What are you going to put on your haftseen table? Do you know the words in Farsi?

All of your cousins, aunts and uncles are going to come to celebrate with us. The new year starts at the exact moment when winter changes to spring. That's when we give each other presents. 

We all wish you could be here to celebrate Nowruz with us. Maybe next year!

Happy Nowruz!

Love from your grandfather, Baba borzog

P.S. This is our haftseen table, do you like it?

A haftseen table


When's the new year where you live? How do people celebrate? Tell us about it!

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