World Teachers' Day

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Do you have a favourite teacher? World Teachers' Day, on 5 October, is a day to say thank you to teachers everywhere!


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Teachers have a very special and important job because they play a big part in helping children learn, grow and do well in life. On World Teachers' Day, on 5 October every year, we say thanks to teachers for all the hard work they do.

Teachers around the world

Do you know how many teachers there are around the world? More than 90 million! That's a lot of teachers helping children learn. 

Education is a human right, and every child should have free education, but unfortunately millions of children in the world are not in school. Most of those children live in places where life is difficult – some live in poor areas or far away from cities and towns, or for some there is war in their countries.

One of the reasons that so many children can't go to school is that there aren't enough teachers worldwide. To make sure every child can go to school by 2030, we'll need an extra 69 million teachers in the world. Would you like to be a teacher one day?

How to become a teacher

To be a teacher, you need to study hard and learn many things. Teachers go to college or university and do special training. They learn about different subjects and how to teach them to students. 

Teachers have to listen to their students and understand how they feel, so they need to be patient and kind. Many teachers are very creative and make learning fun for their students. If you enjoy helping people learn, teaching might be a great job for you in the future!

Say thank you to teachers

Teaching can be a difficult job because teachers must help all their students, and every student has different needs. Often there are a lot of children in a class. Teachers work long hours and have lots of responsibilities. So, take a moment to say thank you to your teachers this World Teachers' Day!

How to celebrate World Teachers' Day

On World Teachers' Day, you could give your teacher a card, some flowers or a small present. You could draw them a picture or write them a letter or a poem. Some schools organise special events, for example where students do things like singing a song or doing a dance for their teachers. 

Whatever you do this World Teachers' Day, be sure to tell your teacher how much you admire and respect them. Happy World Teachers' Day!


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Who is your favourite teacher? Why do you like them?

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