International Day of Peace

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What do you know about the International Day of Peace? Read this article to find out what this special day is all about.


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Everyone has the right to a safe and happy life, but millions of people around the world are suffering because of war and violence. The International Day of Peace, on 21 September every year, is a day when we try to make a more peaceful world for everyone.

What does 'peace' mean?

Peace means different things to different people. To many, peace means no violence or war. It means living without being frightened or worried. Peace also means being kind to other people and living with them without fights or arguments. 

What happens when there is war? 

War destroys people's families, homes and lives. Wherever you live, hearing about violence and war can make you feel frightened, sad, angry or worried. If you have these feelings, talk to a parent, a teacher or another adult you trust. Remember that many people are working hard to end the wars and violence happening around the world.

What happens on the International Day of Peace?

On 21 September, at midday, there is a minute of silence. This happens in all the time zones across the world. People take part in lots of other events on this day, for example they play football matches, do yoga, watch films or listen to concerts. The dove is the symbol of peace, and many schoolchildren create artwork and decorations with doves to celebrate. Some children write messages and poems about peace or sing special songs. 

What can we do every day for peace?

You can try to bring peace to your own life by saying sorry and making peace with someone you know. Or you can try to help stop arguments among your friends and classmates. Standing up against bullying at school is also an important way to bring peace to the people around you. Small actions add up to great things when they are multiplied by millions of people all over the planet, and we can all help make the world a more peaceful place. 


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What can you do to be kind and peaceful to other people? Tell us about it!

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