International Day of Friendship

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Did you know that there's a special day to celebrate our friends? Read the article to find out about the International Day of Friendship!


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Good friends are really important for our happiness. They share good times with us — we have fun together, laugh together and they make us smile. But good friends are also there for us when things aren't so great. They listen to us, help us and support us through difficult times.

What makes a good friend?

A good friend is always there for you, whatever happens. They don't judge you — they accept you, value you and respect you for who you are. You can be yourself when you're around them. A good friend is kind, loyal and honest and isn't afraid to tell you the truth, even if it's difficult. You enjoy spending time together and maybe share some hobbies or interests. 

What is the International Day of Friendship?

Friendship is so important that, in 2011, the United Nations decided to make a special day for it! The International Day of Friendship takes place on 30 July every year. The idea is that friendship between different groups of people, countries and cultures can help us live more peacefully together.

Friendship Days around the world

The International Day of Friendship on 30 July is not the only day celebrating friendship around the world. Some countries celebrate on different days. For example, Argentina, Brazil and Spain celebrate Friend's Day on 20 July, and in India and the USA, they celebrate it on the first Sunday in August. In Finland and Estonia, people celebrate Friendship Day on the same day as Valentine's Day, 14 February.

What do people do on the International Day of Friendship?

The main aim of the International Day of Friendship is to show your friends that you care about them and that you value their friendship. You could make a card or write a note telling them why they're such a great friend. You could make them a small present, such as a friendship bracelet, or bake a cake for them. Whatever you do on this day, it's a time to have fun and celebrate with friends, and perhaps make some new ones! Happy International Day of Friendship!


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Why are friends important for you? What do you like doing with your friends?

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