Black History Month

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Black History Month is a time to celebrate the achievements made by black people and to learn about black history. 

When is Black History Month?

In the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, Black History Month is in October, but in the United States, Canada and Germany, Black History Month is celebrated in February.

How did Black History Month start?

In 1926, in the USA, a black historian called Carter G Woodson started a special week to celebrate the contribution of black Americans to the United States. The month of February officially became Black History Month in the USA in 1976. In the UK, the month of October became Black History Month in 1987.

Why do we need Black History Month?

In school, we learn about important people like leaders, scientists, writers and artists. Often, the stories of important black people don't get as much attention. Black History Month helps us learn about the contributions and achievements that black people have made in the past. 

In every part of history, black people have been treated badly because of the colour of their skin. This is called racism. Black History Month is a time to understand why it's important to treat everybody kindly, fairly and with respect. 

What do people do during Black History Month?

During this special month, schoolchildren do many different activities to help them understand and appreciate black history and culture. For example, they read books and learn stories about black people who have done amazing things in the past, like fighting for civil rights. Other activities include things like listening to music, watching plays or films, looking at art or reading poems that come from black cultures.

Is one month enough to talk about black history?

Black History Month helps us celebrate the achievements of black people, but there is a lot to learn and this shouldn't be the only time of year that we talk about black history. Black history is an important part of world history, and we need to know about black history to understand today's world and fight racism. 


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