Doing chores can be a game! Listen to this poem about having fun helping at home.


Do you like this poem? Do you do chores at home? Which chores do you like? Which do you hate? Tell us about it!

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That was fun! now I can do chores that are fun :)

We can have money when we do the housework ! Cool !

I like this poem. I do the washing - up. And I like cooking.

this is coooooooooooool a love dis

Yes, i like this poem very much!!!!
Sometimes i do some of the chores at home.
I like doing all those chores except: vacuuming (Because it's too loud) and cleening the toilet,the sink or the shower (Because i find it disgusting).

-Yes, i like very much this poem.
-Yes, i do chores at home.
-I like washing up the whole bathroom, tidying up my bedroom and cooking.
-I hate washing dishes.

I like to cook and I hate cleaning the toilet.
Thank you