Video tips

Many parents want to help their child or children with their English but are not sure what they can do to help. In this section you'll find video tips with advice on helping your child learn English.

Birthday tea

Watch this video to see a family having a birthday tea with their grandma.

Card safari

Watch this video to see a family playing a card game in English.

Making a birthday card

Watch this video to see how the family makes a birthday card.

Making puppets

This video shows how to make simple puppets at home.

Memory game

Watch a family playing the memory game and practising their English.


Watch this video for tips on how to organise and manage English language activities with your child.

Picture books

Watch this video to see how a family uses picture books. 

Preparing food

Preparing food in English can be a fun way to practise the language.

Simon says

Watch the family play a fun action game called Simon says.


Watch this video to see a family packing for a sleepover in English.  

Snakes and ladders

Watch this video to see a family playing a board game in English.

Using rhymes

Rhymes are a great way to help with pronunciation. They're fun too!

Using songs

Watch this video to see how singing in English can help your child to learn new words and improve their pronunciation.

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