Doing the laundry

Make household chores into a fun opportunity to practise English with your child! Here are our top tips for doing the laundry.

Dad and son doing laundry
  • Household chores can be a fun opportunity to practise English with your child.
  • When you are doing the laundry, talk to your child about the colours and fabrics (cotton, wool, etc.) of the clothes.
  • Later when you are sorting the clean washing you can practise language for clothes and possessives ('This is Mum's top.' or 'These are Jenny's socks.').
  • You can download and print a set of clothes flashcards. Play games with the flashcards to practise clothes vocabulary.
  • Talk to your child about their favourite clothes.
  • Encourage older children to write about their clothes on our Clothes Your turn.

Print flashcards:

Write on our Your turn:

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