Women in 'male' careers

Do you know what job you want to do in the future? Watch this video to see some schoolchildren asking four women about their jobs.


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Amy: Hello, everybody. My name's Amy and I'm a firefighter in North Wales Fire and Rescue Service. 

Caroline: My name is Caroline. I work for BAE Systems, so I build submarines.

Tyra: My name's Tyra and I'm a train driver with Northern Rail.

Cassie: Hi, I'm Cassie and I'm a construction project manager.

These children got the chance to ask them some questions about their jobs … and some of the equipment they use.

Amy: So when heat comes near it, it bounces off it, so my face doesn't get hot then.

Student: How long have you been doing the job for and have you ever been out of England?

Cassie: So, I've been doing it for nearly ten years now, and I got the opportunity to move out to Australia to do the job with the current company that I work for.

Student: Do you have to go to university to go to your job?

Caroline: You don't have to go to university to do my job. You can do it from anything, so you can start at 16 as an apprentice in the role or you can start with a degree when you get a little bit older.

Student: What inspired you to do the job?

Amy: When I left school, I wanted a job which meant that every day was going to be different, that I could use different skills, problem solving, working with a team, having fun, but also using the skills that I've learned to save and help people.

Student: What inspired you to be a train driver?

Tyra: I worked on the railway before, so, but not as a train driver, and I remember having a chat with a train driver and it was a man and he said, 'Oh, you couldn't do that – you'd have to get your hands dirty.'  And I thought, 'Hmm, I'll have to try this.' So I like breaking boundaries, pushing boundaries, and that's why I did it. And I also like trains.

Student: How many people work with you?

Caroline: So I have seven people in my team, um, all of which are men, so I'm actually the only girl in my team so it's quite hard for me, um, if I need to speak to another girl. But it's really fun because I get loads of opportunities to try lots of different things. 

Amy: Just a crew of 14. I have four of us who are females. So, when you guys are older, imagine how many more we'll have. A whole truck full of female firefighters!



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