One in a million plastic pick-up

Kids Against Plastic want to stop plastic pollution. Watch the video to find out how you can help them!


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Amy: Hi, I'm Amy, co-founder of Kids Against Plastic.
Ali: And I'm Ali, chief pick-up officer at Kids Against Plastic.
Amy: Kids Against Plastic are really proud to be supporting Ali's Pick up a million campaign. 
Ali: A campaign that aims to pick up and log a million pieces of plastic litter. I hate seeing plastic littered in the environment. 
Amy: And even though we never deliberately drop litter, we think that we all have our part to play in helping to clear it up.
Ali: Because if we don't, then our streets, beaches and parks will become choked in harmful plastic.
Amy: Plastic that breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, but never goes away.
Ali: And a lorry load's worth of plastic will continue to be dumped into our oceans every minute. And a million seabirds will continue to be killed each year by plastic. And around one million plastic bags will continue to be thrown away every minute. 
Amy: Plastic production is increasing year on year, and so too will plastic pollution unless we all take action. But we remain hopeful. 
Ali: Yeah, because there are loads of things people can do, like pick up one piece of plastic every day. When you see a piece of plastic litter on the street, beach or park, please pick it up. Quickly log the litter on the Kids Against Plastic app, so your important action is recorded and contributes to my target of one million pieces. And try to reduce the amount of plastic you use, particularly single-use plastic items.
Amy: You see, we think that together we could all make a difference.
Ali: Thanks a million!

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