It's easy to click

It’s easy to click on lots of different links when you’re online. Listen to this poem about what to do if you open something that makes you feel bad.


Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the poem and do the activities.


It's easy to click

It’s easy to click when you’re browsing

As nobody knows who you are.

The world is right there to discover

So funny and cool and bizarre.


But you click on a link and it opens

A picture you wish wasn’t there

And now you can’t seem to delete it.

You’re not in charge, it’s just not fair.


If anything gives you that feeling

In your stomach that something is wrong

Then don’t be afraid, tell your parents.

To tell the truth shows that you’re strong.


I know that you think they’ll be angry

I know that you’re scared they’ll be mad

But they’ll be so glad that you told them

About something which you knew was bad.


Gillian Craig


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Submitted by LadyGrass on Fri, 02/02/2024 - 08:59


My dad works in computer service. And every day he get phone calls and listens: oh, I click something... From adultes. So, I know, when something is wrong, I should just let my dad fix it. He need only few minutes, and everything is OK again.

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