Do you have a collection? Listen to this poem about people collecting different things.


Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the poem and do the activities.



Look at my collection!

Stickers everywhere

This one’s of a penguin

That one’s of a bear

Here’s a red tomato

With funny wobbly eyes.

I’ve got lots of stickers

In every different size!


Look at my collection!

Postcards on my wall

This one’s from Australia

That one’s from Nepal

Here’s one from my aunt that

She sent from Singapore.

Even though I’ve got lots

I’d like to get some more!


Look at my collection!

Key rings on a chain

This one’s like a football

That one is from Spain

Here’s a plastic spider

Good for scaring Dad.

I don’t have any keys but

That doesn’t make me sad!


Look at my collection!

I love cuddly toys

This one is my teddy

That one makes a noise

Here’s a birthday dragon

My mother bought last year.

I can’t see my bed but

I’m glad my toys are near!


Look at my collection!

Magnets on the fridge

This one’s from a funfair

That one’s of London Bridge

Here’s one of the seaside

It’s from a tiny shop.

Now the fridge door’s heavy

But I’ll never ever stop!


Gillian Craig


Do you like this poem? Have you got a collection? If not, what would you like to collect? Tell us about it!

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