What did the ocean say to the penguin?

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Nothing, it just waved!

The word 'wave' has two meanings in English.
Wave (noun) is the shape water makes in the sea.
Wave (verb) is the action of saying hello or goodbye with your hand.


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I like it! :-)

if you like it you have to say i love it because you will love to say that but only girls can say that so....
are you a  GIRL or a BOY !!!!

 it's not to funny.....

ha ha

 this is a nice joke.i leke jokes :P hahahahaahaha

come with me i will see you nice fishes
then it will say i lied

is not fun

now thats 1 of the good old day jokes!

 hello? hahaha!

Ha, ha, ha. It is wery funny and nice. I like jokes!!!