What did the ocean say to the penguin?

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Nothing, it just waved!

The word 'wave' has two meanings in English.
Wave (noun) is the shape water makes in the sea.
Wave (verb) is the action of saying hello or goodbye with your hand.


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just .....confusing



not good:(

                                                 1,2,3,,, hahahahahahahahhahahhahhahhahahhaha.......

Great joke!

i like it,.....one problem....what does it means?

Hi Wonderful Palm Guitar!

Good question. What does this joke mean? Well, 'to wave' to somebody in English is to say hello with your hand. Also, 'a wave' is the form of the sea - like in the picture. Do you understand it now?

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

in dont like ur joke:(

It is interesting