What's big and green and bounces up and down?

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A monster on a pogo stick!

A 'pogo stick' is a pole that you can jump on. You can see the monster's pogo stick in the picture! 


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I do not understand, can you explain to me please ?

it is not funny , anybody can tell this joke

i dont like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no never ever forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This joke is not funny at all! Like what is the meaning! There is no special or funny name of this monster on a pogo stick!

A joke should be funny, but this one is not funny at all!!!

I don't understand it. Can you explain me,please.

Hi PrincessDolphinNature,

The joke is really just the silly picture of the monster jumping up and down on a pogo stick - that's a kind of toy like you can see in the picture.


Best wishes,

LearnEnglish Kids team

this joke was the worst joke if i'm the children in this picture i will say:WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY why do you take my toy monster go away or find other toys =))

Whyyyyyyy!!!!!!! :(((((((