What's the difference between a monster and a mouse?

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A monster makes bigger holes in the skirting board!

The 'skirting board' is a piece of wood between the floor and the wall. Sometimes mice make holes in the skirting board.


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i like the joke but i can't thing the difference in the picture

I don't understand

Hi ProfessorRapSong,

Have you tried clicking 'help' to get an explanation of the joke?


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LearnEnglish Kids team

I am scary when I look at the picture.

why are you scared

I didn't get it.....

I don't uderstand

Dear MissFrostTomb,

Have you clicked on the "Help" button? If you click there, you will see an explanation to help you understand the joke.

LearnEnglish Kids team

hey LadyCrystalKtten,
I think you have told that advice many times to lot of members in our learn English team....
Isn't it... ; )