What's the difference between a monster and a mouse?

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A monster makes bigger holes in the skirting board!

The 'skirting board' is a piece of wood between the floor and the wall. Sometimes mice make holes in the skirting board.


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I don't like this joke. Sorry!!

very very bad joke

I like this joke,but I don't understand.

I agree.

Hi DJGreenViolin,

The joke is that a monster is much bigger than a mouse, so it makes bigger holes.

But there are never actually monsters in houses!


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Wow! Are you a grownup?

Hi DJBiscuitPiglet,

I am one of the adults who works on LearnEnglish Kids. I help to check all of the comments that are posted to make sure that the website is safe for children. 

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yes i like joke

Very funny . I cant stop laughing

Quite good