Why did the frog say 'meow'?

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He was learning a foreign language.

Frogs say 'croak' or 'ribbit' when they make a noise. Cats say 'meow'. So, this frog that says 'meow' is speaking like a cat! A 'foreign language' for a frog!


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very funny joke .i love it

A frog can learn a language called Meowwwwww...?!

Not funny

its not funny :DD

It is NOT SO FUNNY.But it is nice.

:-] :-D :-) !!!!!

 hahahahaha that is very funny joke
ı like it

 Whi not eat the flies?!

A;why did the cat put ''M'' on the fridge? B:I dont know. A:Because it turns ice into mice!
A:When does a dog go mooo? B:I dont know. A : When its learning a new language

is bad than I think is verry verry bad bad so bad