'Have you got any invisible ink?'

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'Certainly, sir. What colour would you like?'

Invisible means that you can't see it. So, anything that is invisible has no colour!


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child:- dad today i had a test i got 0/10
dad:- why did you get bad marks
child:- because the stars were finished so my teacher gave me a moon

very funny

 not too bad but is nice


fail this is the baddest joke i have ever seen before!!!!!!

One       ,                      and                  her                                                                   town.                                                                    up                       away                         down                                               gobbler                                                                                                                      
                             ---T E E D---
 PrincessNightPharaoh We both write with invisible ink!

Awsome i love it add me im new

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              ,                  and                   .
Oh, Sorry i wrote with an invisible ink !!!!!!!

Haha! That's very funny. I liked your invisible ink joke!!!

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)


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