'Have you got any invisible ink?'

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'Certainly, sir. What colour would you like?'

Invisible means that you can't see it. So, anything that is invisible has no colour!


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very funny and good!!!!

I can't get it

Dear CaptainRap3000,
The idea of the joke is that the man wants to buy invisible ink. If something is invisible it means that you can't see it, so it is strange when the woman asks him what colour ink he wants! 
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LearnEnglish Kids team

This joke is not funny . It bad !

Hi. I am LilacPrincess7. I am 9 years old. I live in Maldives. I am new to this site.

hi i am sporty moon star i am also from maldives do you like this joke

I just don't seem to get it...

what does this joke mean?

Hi PrincessFlutePearl,
Click on the "Help" button to see an explanation of the joke.
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LearnEnglish Kids team 

dear MissInternetEarth,
thank you so much i understand what its telling (giggle) (giggle) giggle).
thank you for your help,